Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Pleasant Distraction

This has been a trying couple of days for this little family.  With two out of the three sick, it can be rough.  But honestly, I don't really want nor feel the need to complain.  Because honestly, things could be worse.  We all might be a little harried and tired but we have everything we need, including each other.

So with that said, I would like to think of happier things than snot, fever, dog seizures, and did I mention snot?

Such as...dun dun da dun duuuhhhh....


(I bet you weren't expecting that were you.)

Well, its true.  I'm currently obsessed with gnomes.  I probably have been since I first watched Amelie.  Which come to think of it, I think I will watch that tomorrow if the little one is feeling like letting me. 

But anyway, I'm really obsessed now.  Yesterday, the husband rewound the DVR to show me the trailer to the new upcoming animated (Oh to my delight!!) Gnome movie!  Shriek!  I'm so excited...
AAAAAAND...guess what its called!?

Gnomeo and Juliet

That's right!  I am so in love with the idea of gnomes AND Shakespeare!  It couldn't get any better!

Now, with that excitement out of the way I would like to take the opportunity to show off and brag on my lovable, talented father aka Daddy, aka Granddaddy, aka G.

After throwing a giant hint that I would LOVE a gnome painting for Molly's room, guess what this wonderful Pop of mine did?!  He painted the most awesome gnome painting for Molly for Christmas!  And he did it in just one afternoon.  He's so awesome.  And so is the painting.

Thanks again Dad! 


  1. Amelie is a FAVORITE of mine!!


  2. Oh man, I love Amelie too! I bet you would love Bread and Tulips - which is in Italian, but you can always put on English subtitles. Gnomeo and Juliet looks AWESOME. Can't wait for that one. I normally can't afford to go to the theater to watch anything, but I may have to start saving for this one. It just happens to be released one day before my birthday. ;)

    And kudos to you dad on that painting. Well done! Hope y'all feel better soon!