Tuesday, January 18, 2011

List day: Calling in Sick

The two loves of my life are sick.  Thank God I'm well and able to help them cope.  I feel so bad for them.  The hubby powered through and went off to work today.  Plum and I went to see the Dr after fever and snot finally took their toll.

Now we're armed with medicine and good old-fashioned home remedies to help her through.

So here is today's To Do List aimed at helping her through feeling like poo.

1.  Hold her and cuddle her as much as she wants.

2.  Freshly laundered sheets on the bed with an assortment of snuggly blankets.

3.  Tater tots.  Because she loves them.

4.  Perhaps a fire in the fireplace.  For warmth.  Well, this might be more for me than her.

5.  Lots of rest and relaxation.

6.  If she were capable of asking for a pony I'd probably give it to her.  Even if it means violating our neighborhood covenants.

7.  And of course, lots of good Mama-love.

Hope everyone has a good and HEALTHY rest of the day!

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