Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I could be musical. And because I can't sing.

Today's listmania is inspired by the above video that was shared with me by Birch Street Bliss .  I'm in love...with the kazoo.

I've never learned to play an instrument but have always secretly and not so secretly longed to.  I have visions of myself rocking out in a band in front of all the people I know and they all just adore and wonder at the sight and sound of me.  Unfortunately that bass guitar still sits forlornly in the corner of my studio (see Fig. 1 below).
Fig. 1
The bass guitar aside, I also have a yearning to learn to play something that is maybe not so conventional.  Enter today's list...

Top 5 Weird Instruments I'd Like to Play

5.  Um, the kazoo.  (See above video)

4.  Toy piano.  Maybe Molly will share with me when I get her one of these someday.

3.  The key-tar.  Because I would be the life of an 80's party.

2.  A turntable.  Okay maybe not technically an instrument (or is it?) but I would look so cool as a chick DJ.

1.  Accordion.  This could happen people.


  1. It's a goal of mine to learn to play the piano.

  2. I am almost certain that you were in first grade the year we taught the kazoo. Clara Owen

  3. I'm glad you liked the video. I knew SOMEONE would! :) The new Garden & Gun magazine had a huge article on southern bluegrass bands and I started looking up all of them on youtube last night and found that video. It made my whole night. :)