Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday fun!

How to make a basic pillow- for those of you looking for a good tutorial on how to make a pillow.  I find the list of measurements helpful.  And nothing jazzes up a room this cheap quite like new pillow covers (unless your dogs notoriously toenail-pick the fabric and shed their fur all over them that is).

As if the cinnamon rolls last week weren't enough, these bacon onion cheddar biscuits are calling my name.

Slow down and really live.- a good quick read that hopefully will inspire you too.

Watching the squirt shake her hiney to Mr. Diamond is priceless.  Plus, Cherry can easily be subbed by Molly.

I'm busy knitting away for others right now but I'm thinking of making this hat for myself.

Pretty sure this is the cutest knitted toy I've ever seen.

About to finish this book soon.  Loved this series!

Who wants to buy me this wittle guy?  Anyone?  Anyone?...(crickets...)

Enjoy your week!!!

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