Thursday, February 17, 2011

Little Red Dress

One good thing, besides spending a lot of time together as a family, that came from the Oklahoma blizzard and the re-blizzard is all the knitting that took place.  I was able to finish this pretty little number just in time for Valentine's Day.  Every girl needs a pretty little red dress don't you think?

It's knit in the inexpensive yarn by Red Heart called Eco-Cotton.  It's made from 75% recycled cotton (I think from t-shirts).  It's soft and easily washable.  The pattern is a Ravelry download called Kaia babydoll.  Ravelry link

"Sweet!  The Daily Show is on!"

"Oh Jon Stewart...I love you so much!"

"Go away Mom!  I want to watch Jon Stewart in peace!"

"You can come back later when it's over.  Actually, make that after The Colbert Report."


  1. Beautiful! Such a pretty little girl and dress! Teach me how to knit!!

  2. Anytime Christal! We'll beverages or some sort and knit!

  3. That is the best photo essay ever! Your daughter is a adorable, the dress is unbelievable, and The Daily Show is icing on the cupcake. Thanks for the smiles.