Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Knitting and Coffee

These are my two current favorite pastimes.  And lucky for me they go together like peas and carrots...like Forrest and Jen-nay...like chocolate and um, chocolate...like alcohol and getting pregnant...wait, just kidding on that one.

So if you're wondering (and I know inquiring minds would like to know) what I've been up to, it's a pretty safe bet that I've been doing one or the other or both at the same time.  Besides a cute little dress I knit for Molly (that's for another post coming up), here are the things that are currently on (and off) the needles:

Not naming any names here, ahem Morgan ahem, but someone wouldn't get out of my shot.

Here are a baby vest and a hat for the hubby in progress (I will post details when complete).

Here is a skinny scarf pour moi that probably has more fashionable value than warmth value.  It's just a simple rib pattern on big needles made from a soft alpaca blend.  Also shown are a little gnome hat for a special kid (more on this later as well) and on the needles is a toddler cardigan for Ms. Plum.  It's the February Baby Sweater on two needles by Elizabeth Zimmermann sized up for a toddler by using an aran weight yarn and size 8 needles.  Ravelry link

Also, I wanted to tell you that I have a new favorite way of brewing coffee.  My french press.

The taste of coffee made with it is far superior to the coffee made from my drip coffee maker.  That is all. 
Have a good rest of the day!!!


  1. Ooh, I love french presses - so much that I have one in 'family' and 'mini 1 cup' size. And you're right, it tastes luuurvely.

    Cute knitting - that gnome hat especially.

  2. Oooo I should get a "mini" too! And thank you by the way!