Thursday, February 10, 2011

If an aged look is for you...A How-To

I really like to make things look OLD.  Okay, except maybe myself.  In the case of me I use Oil of Olay moisturizer on my face daily.  Because it is supposed to make me look younger and feel refreshed.  And because it smells like my Grams.  But I digress...
So other than myself, I like to give things that rustic, aged, vintage-y look.  And since we are in the midst of this blizzard in Oklahoma, I've been worrying about the birds.  So I bought a couple of bird-feeders, a birdhouse and some seed (along with grapes and blueberries past their date, which they are loving by the way).  

So if you like your bird feeders like you like your wine and scotch, then this tutorial is for you!

How to make a new bird feeder look like its seen a winter or two tutorial

First gather your supplies:
-Clear glaze mixing medium (I used Valspar from Lowe's)
-Sponge brush or paintbrush
-Acrylic paint (I used the color Burnt Umber)
-Base paint color (I used a sample can of Martha Stewart Living in Bonsai from Home Depot)
-Bird Feeder (I used a basic cedar one that I bought at a chain store.  I didn't feel like waiting around on the husband to hand make one...I would still be waiting til next year...Love you honeybunny!)
-Jar or cup to mix your glaze in
-Mod Podge or Krylon Clear Coat
I bought a sample jar because I knew it wouldn't take very much paint.

First, remove the glass panes and paint your bird feeder with the base color and let dry.  Repeat if necessary.

Next, mix a small amount of glaze with a small amount of the burnt umber in your mixing jar.  It doesn't take a lot of the Burnt Umber so start tiny and add more until you get the desired amount of color that you're looking for.
Then brush the aging mixture all over your bird feeder.  Be sure to really get it into all the little cracks and crevices.  Try to go with the grain of the wood.  The grain will really stand out once the glaze is dry.  After you are satisfied that your feeder looks properly aged, cover it with a clear coat to seal it.  I used a thick layer of Mod Podge but your could use something like Clear Coat from Krylon.  Replace the glass panes once the clear coat dries.
Position your bird feeder some place pretty to take nice pictures and admire your handiwork.  (Check out Sofia perched, ready to "sneak" up on our bird friends.  Fortunately for the birdies she's strictly indoor).

Then if yours is a hanging feeder like mine, put seed in and hang on an out door hook.  Here my feeder hangs on a temporary hook until this snow clears and I can place a pretty decorative hook on my patio.

Then for heaven's sake get inside where its warm and watch the birdies flock to their new/old feeder!!

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