Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vintage Finds

It was a beautiful day last Thursday and I was stricken with spring fever.  Unfortunately I wasn't quite set up yet to start a little gardening.  Sooooo I ventured out to Claremore for some antiquing.  And some local fresh dairy products (more on that later!)

I found lots of things I loved but here is what I came home with:

Perhaps my favorite item was this set of 4 mugs for $6.  I think they will become my new favorite coffee cups.

Next up was an array of cool vintage cookbooks.  I was in need of a book on canning and preserving for this coming season's bounty of fresh veggies and berries.  I also bought a book on preparing lamb so I will be able to tap into my great local source at Shepherd's Cross.
Also, I have plans of acquiring a pressure cooker for both canning and meal preparation.  Luckily, I came across a book that will help me out there as well.

And lastly, I found this gorgeous Scandinavian (I think) sign...

The ONLY problem with it is that I launch into a rendition of "Wilkommen" from Cabaret every time I look at it. 

Which I guess is only a problem if you are around to hear me.

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