Thursday, March 10, 2011

Don't Cha Wish Your Daddy Could Paint Like Mine...

Don't cha!  (For this blog title to work it much be sung.  Out loud.)

Look at this beauty:

Every girl should have their own personal artist at their beck and call.  It's even better when they are family and will do it for free.  I know I've raved about my father's painting abilities before but I'm gonna do it again.

A while back I got to hinting that I wanted this pretty European countryside painting.  Well, he wouldn't give it to me because it was the first painting he ever did.  And before you think "Sheesh, how rude denying your lovely deserving spectacular first-born daughter such a pretty little painting", he did me one better (as he puts it).  The painting above is actually a re-do of the one I had been admiring but done with more experience under his belt.  It turned out so pretty.  He even had it framed for me with a frame that his art teacher's husband made from repurposed wood.  I think its lovely and I'm looking for the perfect spot in my house to hang it. 

Look, even one of our cats Morgan loves it too:

(It could be that he just likes scratching his face on the wood but I like to believe the former.)

Also, I haven't shown off this other one he gave me some time back.  It looks so pretty above our fireplace and against our newly painted turquoise wall.

It makes me long for our own red barn in the country someday.

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