Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Full of love

"Be Mine" by Amanda Chea (Valentine gift for her husband)

I used to sneer about the idea of Valentine's Day.  It just felt like a day to make lonely people feel bad about themselves.  But now I don't see it that way.  And its not because I'm no longer lonely.  Although being on this side of things is what made me see the world a little bit differently.  Today is about love.  And not just romantic love.  Everyone deserves it.  Everyone needs it.  We all have the ability to learn to love the one standing next to us, the ones different from us, the ones we may have given birth to, the ones far away in another land that we haven't ever and won't ever meet.  So even if all you share with someone today is a passing smile, I hope that you are reminded what love is, what it should be and how it can be shared.  Even in the small ways.

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