Wednesday, February 1, 2012

C'est fini...finally.

I thought I would share this painting that I just finished.  It might not be everyone's cup of tea but this is what I love these days in painting.  I started this when I was pregnant with Molly and like many other things when you have a baby, got put on the back-burner.

Well, the mood finally struck and I found the time (thanks to a lovely sitter I can't say enough good things about!) and now she is complete.  My husband is glad...he's been gently nudging me to finish this for awhile now.

I'm learning to appreciate abstract art a lot more these days.  The freedom it gives you.  The fun and experimentation.  You can just let your mood guide you. 

Well, finishing this painting opened up the floodgates to a whirlwind of painting and creativity so I imagine I will be sharing more artwork soon enough.


  1. Oh, I love it! Beautiful. I used to paint a lot pre-baby, too ;)